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5 Ways To Save Money By Using Flexible Office Space

April 14, 2017 By

Flexible offices are more than just trendy, they’re also practical. Read this article to learn how flexible office space can help your business save money.
There’s no denying that the average office environment has changed over the past few decades.
In the past, people wouldn’t dream of going to work in anything but a button down and slacks. Now managers and CEOs conduct business in t-shirts and jeans.
Employees socialize more and like to have fun when they go to work. Hanging out after the 9-5 schedule is the new norm. You aren’t living in your parent’s office world anymore. It’s time to update the way we work.

The flexible office space: the future of business

A traditional office space is a big investment of both time and money. Leasing a full building (or even just a floor) is expensive in the New Jersey metro area. When you sign a lease you’re usually committed for a year if not 2 or 3.
A flexible office space gives you all of the benefits of leasing an office without the money or commitment. It’s a new way of doing business, but it isn’t a passing trend.
The right space can make it easy for startups and freelancers to have a place to work in peace. You’ll be eager to rent your own flexible office space after you read about how helpful they can be.

Save Money By Using Flexible Office Space

Avoid long leases

If you’re a business owner you don’t need to be told that a lot can happen in a year. It’s very hard to adapt to a dramatically new business landscape if you’re locked into a long-term contract.
This could be the year that you land several big contracts and need to nearly double the people you have on staff. It’s also possible that you could lose a big client and need to reduce employees and space.
You could add an entirely new division to your company that needs a different kind of environment to work in. Your industry could grow exponentially or it could have a bad year.
Flexible office space leases are often very short and can go from month to month. If you need to find a bigger office space you could easily rent more room, or decrease your square footage depending on what you need.

Have someone else handle the extras

When you imagine your beautiful new office space what do you see?
Do you see state-of-the-art computers and monitors? Is it fully furnished and tastefully decorated?
Renting an office space can be expensive enough. But when you factor in the costs of furniture, computers and other equipment, and maintenance the true cost of having an office can get high.
When you have a flexible office space you don’t have to worry about the extras. The place you choose will have everything you need to work.
The office will be fully furnished. You’ll have a maintenance crew that can keep your space tidy and in great condition for a client visit. Extras can go far beyond maintenance and furnishings, a flexible office space can have a variety of benefits for people that work there.
Imagine not having to deal with another internet or phone company because your office space already has its own. Envision having access to a receptionist and free printing services. Your employees benefit from a coworking space too.They’ll have access to a stocked fridge that’s full of snacks. If they want to relax they could do yoga or get a massage.

Network naturally

Networking is essential for making new connections and bringing on new business, but it can also be stressful and a little awkward.
If you aren’t a natural people person, the average networking event can be unpleasant. You’re forced to make small talk with people and we know that’s no fun. One of the often over-looked benefits of having a flexible office space are the networking opportunities.
You’re going to be in contact with professionals every day when you’re in the break room or getting something printed. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet new potential employees and clients.
You’ll also have the advantage of being in a natural environment. Nobody will feel forced to make conversation or hand out a business card. You’ll just be saying hello and making a new friend.

Invest in your company

How much do you think it costs to lease an office in New York City? It can cost over $6.00 per square foot. You could easily end up spending tens of thousands in rent alone. It costs a lot of money to keep a business going. Imagine what you could do if you had more money to put towards employees or products.
A flexible office space can help you afford to invest in your business. You won’t have to worry about spending unnecessary money on your office space. Think beyond the money you’ll save on rent. You won’t have to pay for your own maintenance staff, wifi, or a secretary. That could easily amount to a few extra thousand a month in savings.

Give employees true flexibility

Some managers like to see their employees at their desks all the time. They believe that their employees need to be monitored to ensure that they’re working, but you take a different approach to productivity.
If you prefer to let employees make their own schedules, you’re not alone. According to a survey done by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 24% of people did some or all of their work remotely in 2015. Flexible work hours have become a sought after benefit for employees. If you get a flexible office space, you can give your employees a work environment you weren’t capable of otherwise.
A flexible office space can be available 24 hours a day. Employees can truly make their own hours in an office that’s always open. People can choose to work weekends, work earlier or later, and have the freedom to work whenever they need to.

Ready to be flexible?

Are you thinking about living the flexible office life? There are tons of great spaces available right now. Contact us so we can schedule your tour so you can see for yourself!


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