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5 Key Considerations When Selecting Your Virtual Office Space

January 6, 2018 By WorkSocial Editorial

As the digital age rolls smoothly into the mobile age, the ability to let employees work from home or out in the field is an incredible freedom for modern businesses and professionals alike. In fact, it’s so freeing that many companies don’t bother to lease a central office at all because even the business coordination team and top management can telecommute with ease. However, no matter how much fun running an almost purely remote business can be, the legal and functional idea of a business still includes a physical location and an address with a mailbox from which your business can be officially reached.
The good news is that you don’t have to blow your finely tuned budget on office space you’ll barely use due to the convenient existence of virtual offices. A virtual office is a commercial office that shares space between several remote companies. Not only does it provide an address and mailbox, but a virtual office can also give you a place to hold special meetings with clients and host large-team training sessions in the conference rooms.
The question is, which virtual office space is right for you? We have the best tips to help you pick the perfect virtual office space.

5 Key Considerations When Picking a Virtual Office Space

1) Convenient Central Location

When you’re looking for a virtual office space, don’t assume that no one will visit the office just because your business is mostly remote. Clients may want to meet with you somewhere official and it’s not out of the question that you’ll want to call in current employees or new hires for onboarding and training. This means that you want your virtual office to be somewhere that’s easy for everyone to drive to in a relatively central and accessible location.

2) Cutting Edge Tech Infrastructure

In fact, your employees might wind up coming in more often than you realize if your virtual office has a full suite of office techs like high-speed internet or enormous office printers capable of scanning and printing complex packets of paperwork. To ensure that your employees will have access to any office infrastructure they need on the rare occasion when all their resources aren’t at home, choose a virtual office that provides additional value through available tech.

3) Great Conference Rooms

Considering that it’s likely that you will be spending some time in the offices and conference rooms of your virtual office, you’ll want to actually visit and take a look at the facilities before you commit to an office space. Not only do you want nice spacious areas for training, you may also be looking for at least one private, elegantly decorated conference room that will be perfect for impressing clients who want to meet ‘in your office’.

4) Appearance and Style

Speaking of decor, how your virtual offices are decorated and the style they embody matters more than you may realize. Each company has a style and you should be looking for a virtual office space decorated in a way that suits your business and brand. If you’re a very serious business, look for serious, somber, and traditional decor to enhance that for visiting clients. If you’re more light-hearted and personable as a brand, you may want space that is more trendy or laid back.

5) Perks and Opportunities

Finally, there’s more to a virtual office space than even the mailbox, printers, or conference rooms. There’s also the perks they offer you and your employees for being valuable members and clients. Some virtual offices offer catered conferences and training sessions, some will help you with accounting, and some will even make and maintain a website for you! Check out the perks available at each virtual office you’re considering and see what works best for your company.

Choosing a virtual office is about more than just an address and a place to pick up your business mail. It’s a central location, a meeting place, and somewhere you can connect with other mostly remote businesses in your area.
For more information about finding the right virtual office for your business, please contact us today!

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