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How Shared Offices can accelerate innovation

August 12, 2016 By WorkSocial Editorial

Isolation in the workplace: takingcreate_banner_2-e1463243003507 control, finding a way forward with WorkSocial | A Happiness Company

Inspired from the Works of Christine Stobbs:
Christine Stobbs started her career as a counsellor/ psychotherapist and now applies her skills mainly in the area of personal and professional development, using psychological testing and coaching techniques to enable individuals and organisations to move forward. She is a partner in Doherty Stobbs, a professional consultancy firm, based in Winchester.
ISOLATION and loneliness are often related, but not always synonymous. Often, a period of isolation can be a useful time to reflect and recharge one’s batteries.
However, if a feeling of isolation becomes overwhelming, it can impact on mental and physical health and become a real problem. There are a number of reasons why a person might feel isolated in the workplace – such as relocation, unsupportive colleagues or employers, shyness or simply the constraints of a demanding on-call rota. In this article, WorkSocial suggests some ways of handling the situation. 

Create days to work off site to collaborate. FEDEX FRIDAYS – Innovate into Mastery

A Results Only Learning Environment is founded on the principles of autonomy, mastery and purpose. The concept is that people will learn more and produce more willingly when they are given the freedom to choose the outcome (autonomy), feel like they are perfecting something (mastery) and believe that they are contributing to the greater good of their world (purpose).

1 Work on whatever you want

Find what inspires you. Develop that dream feature. Smash your nemesis bug. Or, maybe just upgrade racks in the bike room.

2 Assemble your crew

This is your chance to combine ideas and skill sets from different teams. It’s also your chance to work with Will from DevTools, and that dude’s hilarious.

3 You’ve got 24 hours… go

Embrace the constraint. Execution matters too, but the best idea wins. Why only 24 hours? Well, (how to put this?)… you kinda need to get home for a shower.

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