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4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Conference Room

May 8, 2017 By

Are you tired of holding meetings in random places? Does your small business need conference room rental? Read this article to find out four reasons why conference room rental is beneficial for your business.
Did you know that there are over 25 million office meetings in a single day in the United States alone? According to recent research, the average worker spends about 37% of their total time at work in meetings! However, the reality is that many feel these meetings aren’t as productive as they could be. Some workers feel that meetings are rushed and they end up costing them valuable time. Where you conduct your meetings has a lot to do with just how productive these meetings will be.
Especially if you’re a smaller business, you may not have the budget for an office space with a big conference room. If most of your work is done remotely, (out of the office) you may not even need a year-round conference room. When you need to get your team together, whether virtually or in real life, you need to find a space that allows everyone to focus.
A space needs to let everyone be heard clearly, and encourage productivity.
Let’s get real: the coffee shop down the street with its blaring music and constant WiFi interruptions just isn’t going to cut it. Here, we’ll tell you the four reasons why a conference room rental is a perfect solution for your small business.

1. Renting Gives You A Bigger Space – But Only When You Need It

It’s tough to have to pay for space you don’t use. A conference room rental can help to keep your operating costs low, and your productivity high.
Be honest with yourself: how many team meetings do you actually have every month? How many clients come into your office on a weekly basis? As more and more businesses transition to remote workspaces (and virtual client correspondence) the reality is most do not need to spend extra money on a meeting space they don’t use often enough to justify the cost.
If your business has grown, but you can’t yet afford to add a conference room or to move office spaces, renting a conference room is a perfect solution.
We know it’s easy to get tired of signing away half your profits to your rent every month!
Instead, use that money to hire more employees, increase your advertising budget, and updating your office technology to fit with your growth. Rent a conference room that’s there for you only when you need it. There’s no reason to pay for one that’s collecting cobwebs when you could be spending your money more wisely.

2. Rented Conference Rooms Have Better Tech

Sure, you’d like to invest in better technology for your office – but right now, it’s not in your budget.
If you’re getting worried about dealing with dropped calls, bad service, and serious lags when you meet, it’s time to switch to a rental conference room.
You don’t meet with ten people meet over Skype anymore!
If your team is meeting half digitally, half in person, these conference rooms often provide large television screens with HD video calling so it feels like everyone is in the room. You know it can be tough to have to wait for someone’s line to clear. In fact, tech problems are a huge time suck in meetings. But sometimes, good equipment alone isn’t enough to give you the help you need.
That’s why we love that so many rental conference rooms have on-site, immediate tech support! If something goes wrong in your meeting, you won’t have to wait hours for someone to come fix it. Instead, you can get the issue fixed in a few minutes, then get back to your meeting.
We know that it’s equally hard to wait on clients and employees to arrive. Many new conference rooms will send digital reminders of upcoming virtual or in-person meetings so that you’re not waiting for everyone to show up. That way, no one will forget to show up. Getting a conference room with high-tech solutions ensures that everyone’s voice is heard equally and that your meetings are productive.

3. It’s More Convenient For Clients

These days, instant gratification is everything.
If a client has to sit in traffic in the middle of a workday for an hour just to make it to your conference room meeting, they’re probably going to take their business elsewhere.
But a conference room rental ensures that you can choose a location that’s convenient for you and your clients!
And, since many of these conference rooms are available to rent 24/7, you can schedule your meeting when it works best for the client – not just during regular office hours.
Plus, no more scheduling conflicts with co-workers over who gets the meeting room when. No more knocking on doors when it’s time for someone else’s meetings.
You can rent conference rooms that are accessible to only you and the client.
We’re sure your clients will appreciate your flexibility – and will show it by giving you their business.

4. A Conference Room Meeting Helps Your Image

When you’re meeting with clients, you want to give off the impression of success and organization.
A conference room rental ensures you’re delivering this to your clients.
Be honest. How good is it for your brand, really, if you’re meeting potential clients in bakeries?
But a conference room doesn’t just make a great impression on your clients, without costing you a fortune. It also communicates to your employees that this is the time to get serious.
If you have a conference room in your office, it’s easy to zone out or text under the table during a weekly conference meeting. But if you’ve made sure to rent a space and schedule a meeting, your employees’ attention will skyrocket.
They’ll also be more prepared for the meetings, especially since you may have in-person ones less frequently. This means they’ll be ready to deliver their best ideas to you!

Ready To Learn More About Conference Room Rental?

That’s where we come in. WorkSocial offers flexible conference room space for different types of small businesses.
Ready to learn more about how to make your business grow and to make your next meeting the most productive one ever?
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