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Why Your Startup is Not at the Next Level (Yet)WorkSocial | Office Space New York City

March 10, 2017 By

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Your startup business started with a brilliant concept.  It was a solid idea and backed by a big dream.
That was the starting point of your journey.  Ypu must went on a journey of self-discovery, got clarity on your dreams, and created something authentic and tangible.  Your idea got you here, but to achieve success, you need to know how to fuel a startup and bring it to the next level. This the fuel is that pivots standards. For instance calling a cab is now calling called Calling an Uber.
This is the fuel goes beyond a fresh idea.  This fuel is called depends Purpose.  A journey on purpose can take you to new levels of success.  The absence of purpose can make life less than envisioned.
Here are 3 Reasons You Aren’t at the Next Level – and How to Get There

You are not making the journey exciting because you have settled for less

To reach the beautiful of the future you knees should be shaking today. You need to towards something so big, that your eyes lit up rooms and create an excitement about it. American Express points out that your journey and where you are headed should be so thrilling that it should those around you. You should be evangelizing your purpose through your words and creating a fanatic audience about your idea. Take NASA’s 1960s quest to the moon. It was by far an out-of-this-world task, but the team was motivated and excited to get there, regardless of how long it would take.

You do not have a physical work location

An entrepreneur should not be one toiling with the idea of starting a venture on the couch.
Your location is everything. Where you work, where you jump into the creative mindset, and where you meet with clients can determine how far your business goes.
There is no reason to rent an office. Instead, you can use coworking spaces that get you out of the house and into a work-like environment. Also, to stay professional, you can rent a conference room for client and investor meetings — showing them you are serious about this venture.

When your clients see your competition do they think of you? Why do you stand for your purpose

To take a business idea to the next level, it must be unique. Every business has a competitor — unless you are one of the very few to enter an entirely new field. Your company’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is what sets you apart from the sea of competitors. It doesn’t have to be complex, but it does have to tell your customers and investors what makes you the ideal choice over the rest of the options out there.
Sometimes, working in a collaborative environment is what you need to find that unique selling point. You can bounce ideas of like-minded entrepreneurs, and gain insight into what makes your products or services unique by just exhibiting them to someone outside of your company.