Starting a law firm in today’s competitive market is challenging, especially if you’re on a tight budget in the beginning. You might be tempted to work from home or from a coffee shop to save money, but these options can be distracting, and they probably won’t instill much confidence in prospective clients. A better—and increasingly popular—solution is to opt for shared office space, and here are 5 reasons why.

5 Reasons Why Sharing Office Space is Beneficial

1. It’s Less Expensive Than a Private Office

A co-working space is less expensive than a private office, especially in Jersey City, where space is at a premium and rents reflect that. Over the course of a year, you can sink those savings into marketing and quality legal software that improves efficiency and maximizes profits. WorkSocial offers a variety of spaces to fit your unique needs.

2. It’s Professional

Your clients don’t want to traipse through your house to meet in your basement, and they may not feel comfortable discussing sensitive information at your favorite cafe. Having an attorney with an actual office is a big plus for many clients. It imbues your practice with greater professionalism, credibility, and accessibility than a home office does, and it looks better on your business card. WorkSocial’s spaces are clean, modern, and professionally appointed to make you look polished.

3. It Invites Collaboration and Networking

Co-working spaces are shared by other professionals, both in and outside of the legal field. Shared office space gives you the opportunity to network and develop professional relationships with a diverse group of business owners with whom you can share knowledge and work out mutual referral arrangements. WorkSocial offers a variety of networking events that promote making mutually beneficial connections with others.

4. It Makes You More Productive

Working from home or wherever you find it yourself is more convenient, there’s no doubt, but it’s tough to be as productive as you need to be when you’re at home or holed up in a coffee shop. Having an office outside of the house gets you up and dressed for the day, and it helps you stay in a work mindset so that you stay focused on building your clientele. WorkSocial’s spaces have amazing views of the New York City skyline, which doesn’t hurt productivity, either.

5. Access to Resources

Not only will you save on rent when you share a WorkSocial office space, but you’ll also have access to shared resources, including printers, scanners, large and small conference rooms, and a fully stocked kitchen. And since the health of your business depends on the health of your own mind and body, WorkSocial’s co-working spaces offer daily wellness activities like massage therapy and yoga to give you that extra edge.

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