Discovering Great Work Attributes in Yourself and Your Employees

We’ve seen a lot of evidence over the years about how great leaders work when running major companies. Everyone from Steve Jobs to Mary Barra has past and present stories that tell about how they unified their companies to greatness.
First and foremost, every great leader will take some steps to help uncover the greatness of all their employees.
Great leaders also avoid making the company all about themselves. Any goal that needs to be reached is primarily the result of a team effort.
So how do you go about being a great leader and helping your valuable employees uncover their greatest work attributes? Sometimes it means working away from the office.

Finding Inspiration

The way to help employees find their potential is to inspire them in their work environments. By giving them freedom to choose where and how they work, they’ll be able to tap into their own productivity habits.
A way to get this started is to meet with your employees and ask them what kind of freedoms they want. Many of them are going to have their own ideas about what kind of work methods they prefer, and many will want the freedom to leave their desk. Listen to these ideas; after all, we’re living in a time where forcing them to sit at a desk all day potentially stifles productivity levels.
Some are going to want to work from home, though others may prefer working in other remote locations.
The only way to accomplish this is to brainstorm on the technologies you need to make this happen.

Looking at What Other Companies Do

Don’t ever feel intimidated in researching what your competitors do to create better leadership! They may use specific types of technologies, giving their employees the ability to open their minds to doing great things.
No doubt you’ll discover they do a lot more than just being chained to a desk all day. One of those is the beneficial aspects to co-working.
Entrepreneur wrote on co-working techniques recently and noted how well it allows workers to go outside their comfort zones. By allowing your workers to network with outside sources, you’ll help open their minds to new ideas and move away from sameness.
Look at how many other company leaders use co-working techniques and how they make it work with the right technologies. The key is to find a good provider of co-working technology.

Allowing the Freedom to Work From Home

There isn’t any better way for your employees to find their greatness than by giving them autonomy to work from home. As mentioned above, maybe only some will prefer this since some find it a distraction.
Giving them the flexibility to work in their home when they want to is going to allow them to open their minds to new ideas. Plus, their homes may provide more solace away from distractions your office endures daily.
The only way to function in this capacity is to have proper wireless technology so you and your colleagues can take or make calls. You’ll also need immediate access to the digital tools you use and reliable mobile devices.
Don’t fear your workers goofing off when working at home! TED Talks shows evidence that most people are highly productive when working in their own environments.

Broaching New Ideas Through Digital Conferencing

Once you understand your employees truly want to work away from the office to expand their creativity, how will you communicate when it becomes necessary?
Conferencing rooms can now become mobile thanks to improved cameras and faster internet speeds. As long everyone involved uses high-speed internet you can easily do video conferencing at a moment’s notice.
It’s possible now to talk to multiple people at once, providing a virtual meeting room that expands across the globe. Even if you have employees working in other states (or overseas), you can still share new ideas on a critical project!

Being away from the office means finding more outside perspectives that reach out to innovation and greatness in all companies. Contact us at WorkSocial so we can provide the proper tools to help give your workers more freedom to work elsewhere. You’ll find the hidden greatness in your employees you knew was there all along.

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