Thinking About Holding a Training at a Hotel? WorkSocial will help you with this world changing option.

Many seminars, training sessions, and conferences in New York City and surrounding areas are often held in hotels, simply because large hotels are some of the only buildings with the capabilities of seating both small and large groups of people. So, of course, they seem like the perfect place for any training event, especially when there is an apparent shortage of adequate training rooms. And in a city as diverse and opportunistic as Manhattan, it also seems that the chances of filling the room and garnering a strong ROI are very good.
Unfortunately, if you’ve ever tried to book a hotel room or conference room in another building, you’ve probably found they aren’t as ideal as you previously thought.

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Drawbacks of Hotels and Conference Rooms for Training Purposes

For starters, hotels can be extremely expensive, especially in NYC. Don’t be surprised to be paying fees of about $5,000 just for booking the space, which must be paid even you don’t fill every seat. And any and all amenities are extra expenses on top of that.
But even if the money isn’t an issue, hotel rooms simply aren’t set up for training classes. Renting AV equipment and other necessary items for proper training and instruction can cost you thousands more, and then there is the issue of getting it all to work when hotel staff is often not sufficiently trained to handle your needs in an efficient manner.
The other option, conference rooms, are of course less expensive, but also typically very small, with an average seating size of only about 20 people. These small rooms are also not very conducive to learning because they are set up for conferences, not training, and are just not practical if you’ve got larger groups of people to train.

So Where Is One to Go for a Training Room That Actually Works?

In New York and New Jersey, many businesses have found salvation in the form of specialized training rooms offered by WorkSocial, a coworking community that not only provides training rooms that can seat anywhere from 8-38 but experienced trainers as well. Many businesses choose WorkSocial’s training rooms because they are low-cost and low-maintenance–they can be booked by the day or by the week, and you don’t have to worry about all the logistics involved in using hotels or conference rooms in other establishments.
Additionally, the training rooms are all close to public transport, making it easy for attendees to come from all across New Jersey and New York City with ease.

Training Rooms and Trainers for Different Learning Styles

Another advantage of using WorkSocial for training purposes is the availability of experienced trainers that can teach according to the different learning styles: visual, auditory, or kinesthetic.
Knowing how best to train different groups of people who may be more conducive to one type of learning style over another makes your training ever more effective, ensuring that students learn and retain the information presented to them.
WorkSocial will provide end-to-end solutions for different training requirements for both the presenter and the attendees. To learn more about these high-end training rooms solutions help to establish an optimal learning environment, contact WorkSocial today. It is an optimal choice for training companies, training coaches and private companies in a variety of industries to use for their training purposes.


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