Host Offsite Meetings at Remote Office Spaces From WorkSocial

It’s time for another meeting with your staff, and you want to be sure that you’re choosing the most effective space possible. Whether you’re a large business or a small one, sometimes that means taking your meetings offsite in order to increase their effectiveness. If you’ve been wondering about the benefits of offsite meetings, we here at WorkSocial can guarantee you’ll see their positives immediately.

How WorkSocial and Offsite Meetings Can Benefit Your Business:

Reason #1: Offsite Meetings Create Variety

Chances are, your employees start groaning the moment they walk into your conference room. Not only that, but in many cases, their brains may immediately turn off, leaving them disinterested in whatever else is going on in the room. They may retain little of what goes on in the meeting–and they certainly won’t be in the right mindset to give it their personal best!
The variety of remote office spaces from WorkSocial, on the other hand, can spice things up and lead to more productive employees who are better able to focus on the issue at hand. You’ll also find that hosting offsite meetings frees you up to expand your creative efforts so that you’re able to do things differently during the meeting and increase your employees’ response.

Reason #2: Offsite Meetings Have More Significance

When you have your meeting in the same place every time, every meeting takes on the same level of significance. Employees may not even know whether or not they genuinely need to attend a meeting, much less whether or not the content is going to be important!
By moving the meeting offsite to one of WorkSocial’s remote office spaces, you show your employees that this one matters. They’re able to see that you have invested time and effort in the content of the meeting–and that means that they need to be ready to show up, get involved, and participate in the meeting.

Reason #3: Remote Office Spaces Allow For Better Connection

Your employees do a great job of connecting with one another within the confines of your office–or do they? Effective teams feel a connection to one another that goes beyond the four walls of your office. Simple staff field trips can go a long way toward increasing the connection the members of your staff feel toward one another. Taking your trip the extra mile and holding your meetings offsite can increase that sense of connection.
When you have specific members of your company coming to remote office spaces for an offsite meeting, it increases their bond with one another and increases their ability to interact when they return to the office setting. this, in turn, boosts both morale and productivity. As an added bonus, offsite meetings decrease the potential for interruptions from individuals who aren’t involved in the meeting, which means that you’ll be able to connect with the issue at hand and focus more effectively.

Reason #4: Growth Occurs at Offsite Meetings

Has your company expanded faster than your conference room can keep up? Chances are, there will be a point in your company’s growth cycle when you need to bring more people together than you’re able to easily put into a single meeting room. Instead of getting stuck cramming people into your room or holding more than on meeting to convey the same information, bring your entire team together in a remote office space from WorkSocial. Not only is it easier to maneuver when you have extra space, you’ll find that you’re better able to schedule meetings when you’re dealing with an off-site venue.

At WorkSocial, we provide remote office spaces that can include anywhere from 4-40 individuals, giving you plenty of freedom to hold the meetings you need in a space that will work more effectively for your company. If you’re ready to schedule your next offsite meetings at one of our locations, contact us today.

Support Your Teams With a Remote Office at WorkSocial


The Ultimate Packing List for Remote Work from Your RV (Part 2)

Welcome back to the second half of our two-part article on how to pack for remote work from your RV! In case you missed Part One, please click here!
Whether you’re looking to take a working vacation or set out on a lifetime adventure, working with a virtual office can allow you to collaborate with your team back at headquarters, coordinate with other remote team members, or submit work on your own based on what your employer needs. Last time we started with the laptop and them rolled on to your internet hotspot, a headset for phone calls, and a wireless mouse because touch-pads aren’t great for long-term use.
Let’s continue where we left off!

The Ultimate Packing List for Remote Work From Your RV Continued!

5) Portable Recharge Battery

When you’re in the world – just you, your laptop, and maybe a companion – it’s important to have a plan along with a backup plan in case the first one falls through!
One of the best backup plans for mobile tech is a portable battery. If you’ve been RV adventuring for any length of time, you’re probably already at least passingly familiar with batteries. For this one, make sure to get something that can charge from the wall and has the right ports to recharge your laptop and phone. Ideally, this is a tool that can come with you if the RV goes in for repairs.

6) Mini Solar Panel

One of the greatest things that has happened in the last decade is consumer-sized and priced solar panels. Some portable battery models can more than happily connect to a mini solar panel and begin recharging off the endless power of the sun.
The great thing about the solar panel is that even if all your electronics died at once (laptop, hotspot, battery, etc) you can always refill the battery from sunlight then refill the others with the same method. The efficiency of this process will depend on the power generation capabilities of your panels and battery.

7) 10 Inch Tablet

You may be happy with your laptop, and you should be, but it’s not perfect for everything. Checking instructions when doing roadside repairs, reading in bed, and taking pictures of the stars are all better done with a tablet. If your remote job sometimes results in presentations and social events, the tablet is also a superior device for note taking and presentations depending on whether or not you’re leading a meeting.

8) Small Repair Kit

You never know when something might go just a little bit wrong. From a crack in your laptop case to swapping out the battery with something cooler, you can always be prepared with the right repair kit.
Laptops are made to be last while being hauled around, but they’re still machines and sometimes something comes loose. For the laptop, bring small screwdrivers, spare computer screws, a set of needle nose pliers, q-tips, Windex, and a razor blade. For the occasional sharp metal corner, bring clean gauze packets, rubbing alcohol, Neosporin, and band-aids.

9) Emergency Phone

Sometimes all your other technology and internet-based communication may fail and a perfectly normal cellphone will be the most useful tool. Minimal cell phone plans are quite affordable, so while you’re on the road, it’s always a good idea to have a real phone on you.
In fact, a phone with a real phone plan is currently the most reliable way to call 911 in an emergency, though VOIP and Skype can fill in almost everywhere else. Make sure to keep a cell phone with an active plan and it’s charger with you at all times, just in case.

10) Sturdy Laptop Bag

The final question for remote work from your RV becomes where to put all the stuff you need to be an excellent professional on-the-go lifestylist. You need an incredibly sturdy and reliable laptop bag capable of carrying everything from your actual laptop down to the tiny repair kit in its own pocket. Many people also keep a backup pen and pad of paper along with things like minty gum, extra power cables, and perhaps even a comb.

WorkSocial Has More Tips For Remote Work!

Armed to the teeth with amazing tech, you are now ready to embark on an amazing sequence of adventures made possible through your internet lifestyle choices. Remote work from your RV is a great experience, especially when you never have to ‘go home’ because your virtual office is on the cloud.
For more great tips and tricks for remote work or to find the right virtual office solution for you, contact us today!

Remote Work: Awesome Benefits of Businesses Having a Remote Office


The Ultimate Packing List for Remote Work from Your RV (Part 1)

A Whole New World of Remote Work

As the world adapts to the internet era, there are an increasing number of jobs that can be done completely remotely and sometimes with no physical office at all. This is because all the things that were once necessary about an office like inboxes and phone availability can now be accessed in a mobile workspace on almost any mobile device.
Whether you’ve started your own business or are working with an amazing company that allows remote work from anywhere, a high-quality virtual workspace that allows you to collaborate easily with co-workers can allow a savvy tech professional to do their job anywhere without affecting the quality of their work. With all this freedom, some people will happily stay at home in their pajamas and slippers while others will take their show on the road, able to go anywhere they please while still remaining a rock-star employee.
Of course, that work depends heavily on being well-equipped and finding the time to settle in and get some work done. If you’ve already got travel plans in place and you want to try remote work from your RV, here’s the ultimate packing list to make sure you’re on the ball and at work when needed no matter where you choose to take your internet lifestyle.

The Ultimate Packing List for Remote Work From Your RV:

1) Your Laptop

The star of your show and the center of your remote work – your laptop – is the number one most important thing that needs to come with you every time you travel. A fast, powerful laptop is the perfect center for any traveling office because you can take it with you and get work done even if the RV is in the shop.
Through the laptop, you’ll be staying in contact with your team and/or employers and contributing to the project remotely. It can only be assumed that your laptop will wind up with a lot of accessories from a convenient mouse to external hard drives.

2) A Powerhouse Hotspot

There are many different hotspot devices and plans, and some are significantly better than others. That said, the hotspot will be your connection to the rest of the world. While your laptop may have WiFi, there’s not always going to be a high-quality wifi network nearby.
It’s important that you find a device with a reliable battery, strong signal, and fast network connection along with a plan that suits it well. Make sure to go for the highest possible data plan you can manage and don’t forget to read the reviews before buying. If you plan to work as remotely as possibly, pairing your hotspot with a signal booster is a very good idea.

3) Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Whether you’re running your own business or working remotely for someone else, there’s a good chance you’ll  need to speak on the phone. Rather than diving for a device, try the convenience of a Bluetooth earpiece, now much smaller than the original fangs.
A hands-free and cordless headset is the perfect addition to a ‘remote work from your RV’ lifestyle because it allows you to stay connected with clients, friends, and relatives while you can still completely keep driving or working. Of course, if you prefer the smart home RV, you can hold your phone conversations through the hub instead.

4) Wireless Extra Mouse

Unless you’re one of the rare people overjoyed with the features, laptop touchpads are a nightmare. They’re very practical given how laptops are built, but you don’t have to lightly tap and drag your way around the screen if you don’t want to. Instead, get yourself a wireless mouse!
The signal-nubbin can be plugged into your laptop while the mouse itself gives you absolute control over your workflow and improve your own efficiency. Plus, they’re just plain more comfortable.

But Wait – There’s More On Our List!

This is only the first half of our packing list for remote work from your RV! If you’re ready to hit the road with all the powers of a laptop and a virtual office, join us next time for the second half of our two-part article where we’ll cover batteries, solar, emergencies, and more.
For more information about remote work and the freedom of a virtual office, contact us today!

Why The Remote Work Structure Is Here To Stay

5 Key Considerations When Selecting Your Virtual Office Space

As the digital age rolls smoothly into the mobile age, the ability to let employees work from home or out in the field is an incredible freedom for modern businesses and professionals alike. In fact, it’s so freeing that many companies don’t bother to lease a central office at all because even the business coordination team and top management can telecommute with ease. However, no matter how much fun running an almost purely remote business can be, the legal and functional idea of a business still includes a physical location and an address with a mailbox from which your business can be officially reached.
The good news is that you don’t have to blow your finely tuned budget on office space you’ll barely use due to the convenient existence of virtual offices. A virtual office is a commercial office that shares space between several remote companies. Not only does it provide an address and mailbox, but a virtual office can also give you a place to hold special meetings with clients and host large-team training sessions in the conference rooms.
The question is, which virtual office space is right for you? We have the best tips to help you pick the perfect virtual office space.

5 Key Considerations When Picking a Virtual Office Space

1) Convenient Central Location

When you’re looking for a virtual office space, don’t assume that no one will visit the office just because your business is mostly remote. Clients may want to meet with you somewhere official and it’s not out of the question that you’ll want to call in current employees or new hires for onboarding and training. This means that you want your virtual office to be somewhere that’s easy for everyone to drive to in a relatively central and accessible location.

2) Cutting Edge Tech Infrastructure

In fact, your employees might wind up coming in more often than you realize if your virtual office has a full suite of office techs like high-speed internet or enormous office printers capable of scanning and printing complex packets of paperwork. To ensure that your employees will have access to any office infrastructure they need on the rare occasion when all their resources aren’t at home, choose a virtual office that provides additional value through available tech.

3) Great Conference Rooms

Considering that it’s likely that you will be spending some time in the offices and conference rooms of your virtual office, you’ll want to actually visit and take a look at the facilities before you commit to an office space. Not only do you want nice spacious areas for training, you may also be looking for at least one private, elegantly decorated conference room that will be perfect for impressing clients who want to meet ‘in your office’.

4) Appearance and Style

Speaking of decor, how your virtual offices are decorated and the style they embody matters more than you may realize. Each company has a style and you should be looking for a virtual office space decorated in a way that suits your business and brand. If you’re a very serious business, look for serious, somber, and traditional decor to enhance that for visiting clients. If you’re more light-hearted and personable as a brand, you may want space that is more trendy or laid back.

5) Perks and Opportunities

Finally, there’s more to a virtual office space than even the mailbox, printers, or conference rooms. There’s also the perks they offer you and your employees for being valuable members and clients. Some virtual offices offer catered conferences and training sessions, some will help you with accounting, and some will even make and maintain a website for you! Check out the perks available at each virtual office you’re considering and see what works best for your company.

Choosing a virtual office is about more than just an address and a place to pick up your business mail. It’s a central location, a meeting place, and somewhere you can connect with other mostly remote businesses in your area.
For more information about finding the right virtual office for your business, please contact us today!

5 Ways WorkSocial’s Collaborative Workspace Helps People Uncover Their Greatness


How to Bring Autonomy and Purpose to Your Organization

When people work for a company, they will give more effort when they feel a sense of autonomy and purpose within the organization. Leaders must give employees a degree of autonomy in their own jobs. Autonomy, or control over one’s work, enables employees to achieve their sense of purpose. Employees who determine their own tasks and visualize how those tasks will help their business unit or team reach its central goals exhibit higher levels of motivation and commitment, and thus they will work harder to achieve their performance objectives.
In this post, we describe 3 ways that leaders can bring more autonomy and purpose to an organization:

1. Encourage Autonomy in Employees

Give employees frequent opportunities to shape their own work environment. This means that you refrain from using micromanagement techniques and permit employees to work away from the central office.
It could be that you provide funds for them to work from a facility like WorkSocial, especially your employees with long commutes who want more time with their loved ones. Letting go some degree of control over your team’s work environment means that you must focus more on results. Give employees what they must achieve and a deadline for when their work must be completed. Let them enjoy autonomy as they organize each day and accomplish tasks in their preferred workspace.

2. Give Employees the Opportunity to Find Meaningful Purpose

This could be focusing your team on not only outperforming other teams, which is the feeling of winning, but it could also include encouraging each person to innovate.
For example, we like to believe that employees will best determine how to reorganize the steps in a shared work task while saving time and money. Tell your team members that you will give the winner a $100 gift card for reducing the number of signatures required to complete a sales transaction. Remind them that the new process may not include shortcuts that will lead to decreased accountability or undermine compliance with applicable governmental regulations.

3. Create Opportunities That Reward Autonomy and Purpose

This may be a stretch, but it’s like saying to yourself: “When I finish this report, I’m going to reward myself with a glass of wine in front of the fire.” In your body, not just your mind, you can imagine how the wine will produce that dopamine effect once you drink the tasty glass.
In a similar manner, you want employees to make a decision to work for expected rewards. Some team members have greater intrinsic motivation and others must work for an external stimulus-reward. Some workers crave the semblance of free-choice or the chance to select the activity they will work on each day. Other workers will spend as many hours as it takes to complete something because it interests them.

How WorkSocial Promotes Autonomy and Purpose

At WorkSocial, we’re passionate about creating a flexible environment where work teams, individuals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers can discover both autonomy and purpose. We do this by creating different common areas, shared workspaces, meeting rooms of assorted sizes, and individual workstations.
In this environment, you have all the tech conveniences you would find at the home office. In our location, you are free to be yourself and to tap into your creative brain. Our high-energy coworking dynamic also makes it easy to bounce ideas off friends and strangers as you work towards performance goals. This is also a great place to schedule your team to brainstorm and execute a new project. They just don’t get that same level of inspiration when they’re stuck in familiar surroundings!
For more details on coworking for greater individual autonomy and purpose, please contact us today.

How Shared Offices can accelerate innovation


Support Your Teams With a Remote Office at WorkSocial

As a business owner or manager, you have to balance many competing priorities. On the one hand, you want to support your team. On the other hand, you must consider what kind of branding experience you want to create for customers. If you’re going to have local, regional, and national teams of employees that travel for work, then you might need space for their meetings with their colleagues and with customers. Here are some benefits of using a remote office at WorkSocial:

1. Every individual or team needs a home base

People who spend most or all of their time on the road will work with a range of business contacts and customers, new and old. They will need a home location from which to work. Having a remote office in our facility provides your talent with a comfortable workplace for maximum productivity while helping them represent your organization. We deliver all the conveniences of a corporate office to employees without a home base. If you have teammates who telecommute, the accommodations provided by WorkSocial will actually be their office.

2. Make customers feel supported

Customers want to feel supported by people who are knowledgeable in their chosen field. This means that some customers are happy talking with a phone representative, having an online chat, conversing over email, or networking with a salesperson at a tradeshow. For those customers who need more support, your employees must sit down with them and answer all their questions face to face before any transaction will reach its conclusion.

3. Executives, managers, and support personnel can use a remote office to share ideas

When you have team meetings and strategy sessions with dispersed teams, you need a well-appointed setting and some degree of privacy. Flexible teams are common in every organization. While some regional or national events are big enough that you will reserve large conference facilities, there will be other times when you just need to meet with the team. There are conference rooms at local hotels, but a remote office at WorkSocial is more convenient and priced according to different needs.

4. WorkSocial can provide a consistent place for organizing team projects

A remote office can help employees feel that they have more options for their work model. Whether you schedule daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual meetings, people must share ideas and prioritize work. They must get the details on corporate strategy and learn new skills from internal or external training and development consultants. We have the space to make these meetings possible while helping you control costs.

5. WorkSocial will help you support employees in a changing market

The consumer-driven economy is forcing every kind of organization to move towards more flexible staffing models. As we expand to new social arrangements, we expect more private companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies to scale down office facilities and rely more on temporary workspaces for flexible work models.
Some types of work may be easy for telecommuting employees to perform from home as well as headquarters-based employees, but others call for a reliable office from which to operate. Large headquarters, as well as bricks-and-mortar store locations, might become less important soon. Meanwhile, multi-use spaces that support dynamic market conditions and employee configurations should prove more cost-effective than existing facilities.
We recommend that your company does not operate permanent offices in different cities unless they are needed at multiple points during the year. By using our facilities, your organization can easily accommodate temporary meetings and workspace needs while not incurring the overhead associated with long-term facilities. We are here to help organizations maintain economies of scale.

For more details on booking space in a co-working environment without losing productivity, please contact us today.

5 Ways WorkSocial’s Collaborative Workspace Helps People Uncover Their Greatness


5 Benefits Provided by a Virtual Office | WorkSocial

We live in a world where advanced technology allows us the opportunity to communicate, work, and flourish remotely. The ability to work from home or manage a successful business without a physical office is a fantastic development in the business world because it comes with some unexpected benefits. Reducing overhead and increasing productivity are two of these incredible perks, but there are also a few downfalls to doing away with a physical space altogether.
While all companies – both large and small – strive to run a lean and efficient business, the lack of a physical office building isn’t without its drawbacks. For the most critical of business meetings, having a physical space in which to convene can yield significant benefits in your company’s perceived level of professionalism with clients. It can also contribute to more fluid communication between employees and the establishment of a “company culture.”
Enter virtual office providers like WorkSocialWorkSocial is leading the charge in shared office spaces by providing customized packages that give your business access to a remote work environment with private meeting rooms, printing, secure access, and reception.
Check out some of the great benefits of utilizing a virtual office provider below!

1. Less Overhead

Virtual offices are far less expensive than owning or renting a permanent space. Without the many costs typically associated with brick-and-mortar businesses (utilities, hardware, insurance, etc.) your budget can be redirected to focus on what’s most important to your business. Do you want to invest in your team or spend more on marketing and branding? A virtual office can help you meet those goals by freeing up a big chunk of your budget.

2. Flexibility

Yes, working in a fully virtual office offers you the freedom to work from home or from the nearest Starbucks, but having access to a remote work environment increases the ways in which you can conduct your business. It creates a physical presence for your company, is supported by its own staff, and gives employees the flexibility to come and go as necessary. Work anywhere, anytime, and still have access to a beautiful conference room!

3. Real Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is a major part of many businesses. WorkSocial can provide you with a remote work environment to meet with your clients in-person or provide answering services that will ensure your calls are handled professionally. In any case, your business will benefit from the ability to connect with clients in a professional setting whenever you need.

4. Increased Productivity

Studies have revealed that businesses using virtual offices are experiencing increased productivity. By providing answering services and basic administrative functions WorkSocial can help you and your staff focus on important projects and primary business matters. Also, because many employees report being happier in a remote work environment you can ensure that greater personal progress will be made while a central location keeps your whole team connected.

5. Freedom to Expand  

Because your office is not confined to an established, permanent space you actually have a greater opportunity to expand your business. You do not have to worry about maximum occupancy when most of your staff works remotely and so you can feel free to hire and grow without feeling limited by your physical resources. Virtual office solutions like those offered by WorkSocial can promote growth in your company because it helps you free up your resources to pursue continued growth.

Each of these benefits can help you create a more productive business. WorkSocial is pleased to offer premium office solutions in customizable packages at great prices with great options for savings. We provide solutions for large corporations and small start-ups. If you would like to learn more about our Virtual Office packages, please contact us.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having A Virtual Office


Remote Work: Awesome Benefits of Businesses Having a Remote Office

The face of traditional businesses is changing. Not only has the typical workweek changed, but the workplace is evolving as well!
With the advent of high-speed internet connections, Skype, and online conferencing, the rush to be sitting in an office eight to ten hours a day has diminished. The five-day commute is also dwindling as people realize they can do their jobs quite effectively outside of a traditional office setting. Entrepreneurs and small business owners find the luxury of doing their jobs in whatever way suits them and their customers with many working right out of their homes.
However, this can get a bit tricky as the business grows. The current trend toward remote work and telework is gaining traction. In fact, 80 % of the workforce said they would like to telework at some point. Business owners may wonder if there is anything to be gained by having a remote office.

Five benefits of having a remote office for your business:

Offering Remote Work Gives You Credibility

Operating a business sometimes calls for a greater degree of credibility among certain people. It may be you’re trying to gain a contract for a job. You know your skills and service are topnotch, but a corporate address and receptionist service seal the deal for you. It lends some credibility to your name. In a world of competition, you need every inch of recognition you can get.

Remote Work Means Better Amenities

When you secure a remote work environment with a virtual office, you have the added benefit of amenities. Free high-speed WiFi, healthy drinks and snacks, and all the printing you need are just a few of the amenities that come with a remote office. These amenities add up, saving you many dollars every month and providing you and your customers with a high-class experience.

Remote Work Offers More Space

Maybe you’ve thought about renting out an office building so that you can have the space you and your crew need for the quarterly meeting. Or maybe you need more regular meetings with not only employees but customers, too. That’s a good sign! It means your business is expanding.
A remote office allows you the flexibility to meet with customers in an office setting so that you maintain the level of professionalism that’s necessary. A remote office has all the furnishings you will need for a meeting that is both comfortable and professional.

Remote Work Increases Efficiency

A business that operates more efficiently will have a greater bottom line. Your email service, domain management, and website page creation and hosting will all be more efficient. In turn, you can focus on marketing and selling your services, meeting with clients in your new remote office, and collecting the money you earn. Your entire office will run more smoothly with the aid of virtual office assistants and that means you are free to pursue other projects.

Remote Work Creates Savings

Remote offices come with several services you may not have realized. You will have access to a fax machine, phone service, lobby listing, accounting services, and more. The services you obtain are equivalent to another part-time employee doing basic office work but for not nearly the cost.


Businesses gain many benefits from finding a remote workspace and virtual office. Money is saved through more efficient practices and by having office space just when you need it instead of paying year round. A credible corporate name, plenty of space to stretch out, and amenities to go along with it all ensures you attract the best clients to your growing business.
Worksocial offers a space where people can come together, collaborate, work, and hold meetings. Jillian, a customer is quoted as saying,

“Worksocial has a variety of workspace options in their brand new energized, bright shared office space with beautiful city views. It is an atmosphere where I can connect and collaborate with others or work in an office when I need privacy.”

The conference rooms are convenient and able to meet your technological needs. If you are beginning to outgrow your home business and desire all the amenities of a staffed office without the price tag, then we have just what you need. To get started, simply contact Worksocial today to schedule a tour!

The unexpected realized benefits of coworking at WorkSocial