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The Benefits of Coworking Spaces

April 11, 2017 By

Who doesn’t like increased productivity in the workplace? That’s one of the benefits of coworking spaces. Read this article for more. 
Sometimes you’re given an opportunity to work from home, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Coworking spaces are on the rise. An estimated 10,000 coworking spaces opened by the end of 2016.
What are some of the benefits of coworking spaces? Coworking spaces can be a great way to take your work to a location that’s meant for work. While coffee shops and libraries can offer some benefits, they’re not meant for business.
For example, you need to take a 1-hour conference call. Coworking spaces can offer a quiet place to do that, instead of speaking loudly at a coffee shop for all to hear. Coworking spaces raise productivity. Whether you’re a freelancer, startup company, or even a corporate business, coworking spaces may be the perfect fit for you!

Higher Productivity

One of the best benefits of coworking spaces is higher productivity. According to a study by Deskmag and Deskwanted, 74% of co-workers are more productive when working in a shared space. Coworking spaces can offer fewer distractions. Going to a local coffee shop to work can be a process. Typically, these public places are noisy. They also see a lot of traffic and are often more of a distraction than a benefit.
You may have a home office, which can also be bad for productivity. There could be distractions there as well like children, pets, entertainment, and chores. There are advantages to using a shared space rather than leasing an office building. There aren’t any strict seating arrangements (bye, cubicles!) and there are plenty of places to set up your work. Whether you’re a freelancer or an entrepreneur, the benefits of coworking spaces are definitely something to consider.


As the name implies, coworking spaces have the benefit of a community. Building up your network with like-minded people is a great benefit to coworking spaces! These spaces can help prevent the loneliness of working alone.
Though coworking spaces are community-based, there’s no rush to socialize. The possibility is available if you want. If you’re into working alone, no sweat. If you feel like chatting with another freelancer over coffee, you can do that, too.
In a coworking space, a community atmosphere can benefit you in lots of ways:

  • Motivation – If other people around you are focusing on completing projects, it will help you do the same!
  • Collaboration – You may even network enough to start collaborating with other people. Coworking spaces can be a great place for sharing ideas with many other professionals. If a business needs the help of a freelance artist or writer, you may find one in the same room.
  • Potential For New Clients – Most people around you in these spaces are freelancers. Some may be working with small businesses or entrepreneurs. You could be neighbors to your new client and not even know it. There’s always great potential in a shared space.
  • Events – Many coworking spaces have events. These are perfect to meet new people and bring the coworking community together. The events can range from networking to professional development meetings.

Here’s our article for 6 benefits of coworking with strangers for more information.


Roughly 54% of all who use coworking spaces are freelancers. The remaining half may be small businesses or entrepreneurs. Regardless of the focus, all people who use coworking spaces can enjoy flexibility. It’s one of the main benefits to using coworking spaces! If you need to get something done, you’re welcome to do it at your pace.
Many startups may need a place to work together. One of the benefits of a coworking space is that you’re able to work as needed. Many are even open 24 hours, 7 days a week!
At WorkSocial, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve success. If you need a conference room, you’re able to book it for as long as you need. If you’re also in the need for a satellite office, our coworking space can help you get your feet on the ground.


A topic that goes hand-in-hand with flexibility is control. With the added help of a 24-hour facility, you’re able to come and go as you please. There are no constraints to when you’re able to work.
Want to be in a quiet place? Coworking spaces have those. What about a high-energy collaborative place? They have those, too. One of the best benefits of coworking spaces is that you are the one who decides.
The possibility of you not coming to the coworking space is also a great fit. If you’re sick or have a family emergency, you’re able to work from home with no repercussions. The amount of job control you can have in a shared coworking space can help you feel better about your weeks. If you’re close to a deadline and need to work all day or if you have errands to run, a coworking space is the perfect fit!


Unlike coworking spaces, leasing your own office space can be costly. While it depends on your area, most offices lease for roughly $3500+ a month. Adding that to overhead costs, you’re going to be burning a hole in your wallet.
One of the biggest benefits of coworking spaces is that they offer an alternative to that high cost. Instead, you can save money while you work.
Here at WorkSocial, we offer many different amenities to help you be the best you can be:

  • Helpful and friendly staff
  • High-speed wireless Internet (with hard wired connections too!)
  • A 24-hour office space in a safe and secure building
  • Networking events to help generate productivity and connections
  • Daily wellness activities including massage therapy and yoga

Those are just some of the benefits WorkSocial can offer to help you work comfortably.

Who We Are

We believe in everyone’s ability to achieve the American Dream. WorkSocial started by creating our shared office environment in 2015 located in Jersey City, NJ. We’ve helped many individuals and organizations grow and achieve their goals.
We’re here to provide you with the space you deserve to do work you want to do! We can show you that there are plenty of benefits of coworking spaces.

How We Can Help

Contact us at WorkSocial so we can help provide you with the best coworking space available! We exist to cater to those in need of a shared space to create and dream as they wish. Request a tour on how you can join a coworking space that can help you achieve your goals.
WorkSocial also offers virtual offices to provide communication and address services. We also provide training and conference room rentals and are flexible on how long you need them for. Don’t forget to check out our blog for the inside scoop on coworking space tips and best working practices! We can help provide you with the best benefits of coworking spaces!


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