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The Connection Economy – Part I

March 30, 2016 By WorkSocial Editorial

About this Blog:
Thank you for the honor to share my thoughts with you.  This blog is a part of a longer bong.  I am breaking it up in sections to deliver to you awesome thoughts and save your day. 
I woke up this morning at 4 AM feeling energized to write this email and blog.
I have been working all night creating an outline.  Feeling compelled that I needed to tell the world about it. At 3 AM Natasha my wife and my kids were asleep.  I put it on paper.  Typing this on 1 hour of sleep, a 2 hour workout and 30 minutes of personal time.
Now I am taking a risk, writing this all out, part of my weekly blog. My lizard brain, dancing with me, telling me, get ready to be rejected.  Telling me “shame will stick to you” if no one reads this.  Telling me, begging me, pleading with me to play small.
Sorry Gecko, go work with the insurance company.
My morning Declaration: “The world is my client.  Love is my art.  Be present and stay awake, stay awake, awake.  Make a Ruckus”
Part 1.
The Old Deal in the Product Economy
When Henry Ford opened the car factory in Detroit he offered a great deal.  The deal was not to be afraid.  In exchange for this sense of security, he wanted your time.  In exchange for your time, he gave us money.  Since he told us to become cogs in the factory he paid a good wage. The great deal worked.  The great deal worked because the factory worker did not need to ship.  The factory shipped.  Returns were not permitted and shipping was not free.
The Idea Economy
In the idea economy returns don’t exist; rejections do.  Your reviews on Yelp, Google, and Zagat.  In the idea economy the factory worker is not paid for being compliant.  The factory worker is admonished for being ordinary.  In the idea economy the sense of security lies in a simple fact., you need to produce art and feed it into the network.  If you feed enough art into the network, the network rewards you by asking for more art.
In the idea economy the great deal no longer works.  In the idea economy if the factory worker does not like the work he / she is doing, he / she finds other work.  Yes the free agent nation is not about a work of free agents, it is a world of artists and curators.
Google is not about creating awesome code, it is about a group of artists who got together and created art.  When the world asked for more art , they did not ask to get paid, instead they made more art.
It’s time to say goodbye to the old economy. We now know that the Product Economy ended.  The great deal was not really great.  You key value is to be marvelous, is to make a ruckus and take awesome.  The product economy has shifted and we love it.   Thank you and namaste. Please do me a favor and shine bright
About me & WorkSocial
I am one of the bloggers & servants @ WorkSocial.  WorkSocial is a Shared office and CoWorking space Provider in Jersey City.  Our mission is to create a movement of happiness, wellness and leadership in Jersey City.  Bring awesomeness back into offices.  We offer tons of amenities. We call our self WorkSocial | A Happiness Company

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