Growing Exponentially in the New Economy

By Shantanu Mohan

July 26, 2016

There are essentially a few types of worlds that we operate.

The Horizontal World: A flat planes of physical connectivity where the transmission of information is through a medium, like electricity and telephone systems.

The Vertical World: A narrow plane of physical connectivity where the transmission of information is through people, like in office spaces and technology parks

The Virtual World: Am undefined plan of connectivity where the transmission of information is based on need, values, purpose and interests.

For companies to succeed in the first two worlds they just needed to adopt.  Meaning that they needed to invest money and time to get connected and locate themselves strategically.  However, the newest world of operations, i.e. The Virtual World possess challenges.  Where scale can be manufactured and a following can be developed with “idea viruses.”  Where reputations can be created and destroyed.  Where good behavior is the norm.  Generosity is SOP and Art is a requirement.  Protectionism is combated with a movement in the open source.  Favoritism is dismissed with movement.

The Future of Work is being reshaped by social movement.  

Unlike the past the need is being derived from an unanswered call for art.  Society seems to have recreated itself to govern, monitor and deliver disruptive technologies and business models.   As a result business need to create and communicate a clear meaningful path of Impact.  

Fast Company Magazine recently Reported:

Some industries will require nights and weekends and there is no way around it, says Wolfe. Here, too, it’s more about the way the companies are treating their employees when they are at work, and what flexibility they are giving them when they need to tend to a personal matter. “If your job requires nights and weekends, is it easy to move your schedule to attend your child’s play?” he posits. The benefits of such flexibility and empathy, makes for a happier, more loyal staff according to Wolfe.

WorkSocial | Jersey City’s coworking leader is crushing loneliness at the WorkSpace

Jersey City has been the subject of a lot from the West Side Story to Amazon’s acquisition.  Most recently it is about the sky rocketing happiness index .  This may be the subject of a satire on Netflix.  But before that happens there are people in the area who responsible for bringing  this happiness  into the community.  Natasha Mohan is doing her part by bringing the technology, services and workspaces for the start-up world.

 WorkSocial appears to the one doing everything just right.

Among the many things WorkSocial gets right is the business world’s obsession with coworking, executive suite and work spaces.

Its always show time for Natasha Mohan, the absurdly driven, humble and yet easy going Natasha Mohan.  She runs WorkSoical, inviting founders to live and work at Jersey City. She gets some competition from others, who seem to have aimless character and “are in the Space Rental Business.”  Natasha is in the hospitality business where she shows up to a brand new experience to her community.  She calls them mavens.

In her “pretty world” Natasha has seen an explosion in coworking spaces since WeWork came on the scene in 2010. “I have been doing this since 2009 and never thought it was about real estate.  Its about service, love and happiness.” WorkSocial Creates happy workplaces.

WorkSocial is staying at the forefront of this trend. In a city where coffee shops are buzzing with high-speed wifi and idea hounds.  In a city where cultural centers create an abundance for space – how does one create a need for Office Spaces?  How does one explain that going to work is different from a coffee shop?  How does one show the beautiful world of Jersey City that connecting to your art requires a mix of not only open spaces but also closed and collaborative spaces?

WorkSocial | shows how Connect | Create |Grow is the answer to this problem.

If there’s one thing WorkSocial represents, it’s happiness. Even the walls exude love, happiness and care.  We have taken curating workspaces seriously.  People are looking for connection at a human level, and, its what we do best.  “Real-life entrepreneurs in New York City and Jersey need to be ready for our movement.  Because we will not stop till we have touched each one of their hearts”

My husband’s father was the king of Entrepreneurship.  His life was full of extreme highs and lows. His failures are like horror movies and his successes are unbelievable.  As a family we get entrepreneurship.  “I have been one for 15-years.”  Experienced recessions, booms and everything in the middle. It’s all about attitude.

We create environments that Do it Right!!

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