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5 Tips For Planning the Perfect Training Session or Meeting for Your Association

July 21, 2018 By WorkSocial Editorial

Create a training session your team has always dreamed of. Improve productivity, enhance recall of the event, and improve team member attitudes.

Training days: they’re often long, boring events that everyone dreads. Not anymore! If you want to transform your meeting and create a new type of atmosphere, these five simple tips will allow you to create the meeting environment your team has always dreamed of. From changing your training venue to choosing the right instructor, incredible training sessions may be closer than you think.

Tip #1: Keep Training Session Sizes Small

There’s no faster way to be sure that you’re going to derail your training class then to overcrowd your room. Not only are there more personalities interacting and more questions to answer, you’ll often find that with a large group, it’s hard to keep people on task and get their attention. Instead, opt to hold several smaller training sessions in a venue that’s just the right size for each team. Suddenly, you’ll have a more intimate environment with more engaged participants, leading to more productive and enjoyable training sessions for everyone.

Tip #2: Emphasize Interactivity

Do you want to be sure that the employees present at your meeting or training session will actually remember the information that’s been presented to them? Encourage them to interact! Make sure to have the right amenities in your training room. This includes notebooks and pens, a wireless mic and headphone system that will make communication easier, and whiteboards and flip charts that welcome employee participation. This can make a big difference how employees view the training day. They’ll remember a lot more of what went on if they’re asking questions, manipulating hands-on examples, or contributing to a discussion.
Employees who don’t interact during the session, on the other hand, will retain far less of what went on it. That may mean that you end up having to retrain them later. Look for ways to encourage questions. Ask questions of your employees. Give them the opportunity to actually work with the items they’ll be expected to use in the future. This simple step can transform your meetings and increase enjoyment–and retention–among all of your team members.

Tip #3: Select the Right Training Center

You want a training center where your employees will be able to actually focus on what they’re doing. Finding the right training venue can make a big difference in how your meeting goes. Look for a venue that has several key attributes:

  • Away from your office for a change of pace
  • Big enough to hold all of your employees
  • Filled with the items that you need for your meeting or training session, whether that means a white board or technology

When you have the right training venue, you create a far more effective environment for learning–not to mention giving your team members a break from their regular office environment. It’s a surefire win for everyone involved!

Tip #4: Schedule Break Times

No one wants to spend all day sitting in a room, staring at a trainer. Make sure that there are breaks scheduled into your day! Not only should you have a clear, scheduled lunch break written into the schedule, consider holding bathroom breaks or giving employees the opportunity to get up and walk around at regular intervals: generally around the 60-75 minute mark.
This will increase the odds that their attention is on you. They won’t be wondering whether or not they can slip out of the room for a quick break without missing anything important. Encourage your employees to get out of the room. Have them move around during their breaks so that they’re better prepared to sit down. This way, they will focus when you begin the meeting again.

Tip #5: Hire a Qualified Instructor

Not just anyone can stand at the front of a training room and deliver a message with impact that your employees will be able to retain long-term. Make sure you choose a trainer who is able to speak to a variety of learning styles, provide your employees with key information, and break things down in a way that employees will be sure to understand. The right instructor will deliver that training with an element of humor and fun. Employees will be more eager to come back for future training sessions. They won’t be dreading every one that shows up on the schedule.
If you’re looking for a way to enhance your training sessions and ensure that your employees have more fun, contact us. We’ll help provide you with the facility and trainers you need to help take your meetings from drab and boring to interesting, engaging, and productive.

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