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January 10, 2017 By

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Here at WorkSocial, we often hold educational courses based on the tactics, habits, and strategies of the likes of Dr. Greg Wells, who trained the Canadian Olympic team, and Lisa Bentley, an 11-Time Iron Man winner. Throughout the duration of these courses, we’ve learned quite a lot about how these people structure their pathways to success, and how founders and creatives can learn to follow in their footsteps.
Here’s what innovators need to know.

Creating Elite Performance: Using Expert Tips

Across the board, all the experts we work with recommend a unique selection of approaches. By applying these approaches to your daily life and work, you can achieve peak performance and exponential growth. These approaches are as follows:
Act with Intention
If you’re not acting with intention, you’re wasting your effort. Regardless of industry or specialty, one thing every top performer we meet with does is to act with intention. This applies as much to finishing a project for a client as it does hitting the gym or using your personal time. When you act with intention, you get more done and enjoy increased productivity across the board.
Focus On Your Day
Throughout the day, there are thousands of things just waiting to distract you – from social media to bad television. By rejecting these distractions and focusing on your day, instead, it’s easier to enjoy world-class output and get more done with less stress.
Figure Out What You Stand For
This is a critical part of branding a new company, but it’s also a critical component of running a company. When you figure out what you stand for, you can make smart decisions regarding the trajectory of your business and the projects you will and will not take on.
Ask “Is this important?”
Using a simple self-check to determine whether something is important and, thus, worth your effort is essential for achieving peak performance and enjoying the work you do. If it’s not important, it doesn’t deserve your time, energy, or attention.


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