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5 Ingenious Ways to Upscale Your Meetings

May 17, 2017 By

Impressing clients is an important factor to your business meeting. You need to put your best foot forward and prove to them what makes your organization a suitable choice.
So, how do you manage that in a meeting that might merely give you with 30 minutes to put on your very best?
Easy. You execute a few items here and there to give your potential or existing clients with a world-class experience in your meeting.

5 Ingenious Ways to Upscale Your Meetings

Not sure where to start on your next meeting? There are simple items you can implement today that will give an excellent presentation at tomorrow’s event.

1. Maximize the Meeting Minutes Down to the Last Second

Did you realize that if you are in middle management, you spend as much as 35 percent of your time in meetings? If you are the owner, up to that to 50 percent of your day spent in meetings.
First, the ideal meetingtime is a mere 30 minutes. To ensure you do not go over, you need to maximize every minute.
That requires pre-arranging your meeting schedule, printing it out and giving it to attendees, and allowing sufficient time to go over business in that 30-minute window. Doing so might require you to cut out unnecessary chit-chat or eliminate items that you can expand further in a catch-up session — which is a well-informed opportunity to get that client back into the office.

2. Provide Beverages and Snacks

For those longer meetings, give attendees beverages and snacks. You can set up an inexpensive breakfast platter in the back of the conference roomand a few bottles of water or hot coffee. Going that extra mile shows your clients you care about their business, but also comfort.

3. Bring Along Visual Aides

To get your points across and make an impact, bring your best visual aids. If you have a meeting room supplied with presentation material, take full advantage of those tools. For example, use the screen to share slides, pictures, or even a video make-up of a product.
According to the University of Alabama’s School of Medicine, 65 percent of the world are visual learners. So, including visual presentations to your meeting might ensure clients leave remembering what you talked about.

4. Keep Things Exciting and Upbeat

When your meeting exceeds the 45-minute mark, only 64 percent of your attendees are now paying attention. During the first 15 minutes, you have maximum attention span; therefore, put the more interesting items toward the start of your meeting.
Furthermore, keep the environment lively. Your clients should not be there to have numbers crammed down in a 30-minute span. Instead, you want it fun, intriguing, and stimulating so that attention spans are in full force.

5. Provide Extraordinary Items to Take Home

After the meeting, think of yourself as a Hollywood director promoting a film. You want your guests to leave with something to remember you by. Only, in this case, have them leave with a file of printouts and possibly a CD with the meeting recorded for them to refer later. Adding a promotional item (or two) will not hurt either.

A Memorable Meeting Goes Further

Whether you are pitching a new service to a client or getting an investor on board, an extraordinary meeting will take you further than a forgettable one. By implementing better time management, providing concessions, and just keeping it exciting, you’re on your way to a world-class meeting experience.
For more information on how to create a unique experience for your meetings, contact WorkSocial today.


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