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WeWork just made its first acquisition of 2019

February 8, 2019 By WorkSocial Editorial

WeWork, the industry leader in the coworking and shared office space made two acquisitions:

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The company recently acquired:

  1. Teem
  2. Euclid

What is Teem

Teem is a “The Workplace Experience Platform”.  The technology brings the power of sensing, analytics, tools to manage workspaces.  Wework paid $100m for this application developer.

What is Euclid

Euclid creates an efficient, relevant and compelling experiences in the physical world. According to leadership at WeWork, this two acquisition will enable companies to WeEork-ify their offices.

I believe these two acquisitions are brilliant and while WorkSocial will not weworkify its offices – these technologies will help us become more aware of our client needs and optimize the WorkSocial experience.

This is also showing a shift in the investment strategy of WeWork.  I am extremely impressed with their decision to serve not just the coworking community but also creating opportunities to companies to embrace exponential technologies.


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