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Why Attorneys Choose To Stay In Coworking Spaces for Higher Productivity

August 30, 2018 By WorkSocial Editorial

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I want to show you how co-working offices can help attorneys like you be able to double your business. This might sound like a major challenge if your legal team is used to doing things the same way. One thing you’ve probably learned, though, is working in a traditional office environment doesn’t always lead to optimal productivity.
You can include me in the list of those who’ve seen how co-working spaces change the way you work. Your legal team should see the evidence in how you’ll communicate more efficiently with clients and collaborate easier with outside legal minds.

Networking With Other Lawyers

While you may think a co-working space wouldn’t fit a law firm like yours, the chance for collaborations and networking in these is beyond what’s possible elsewhere.
One important thing to know for all law firms is to not fear collaborations with other legal experts. When dealing with a challenging case, having outside opinion can help your team gain insights they otherwise wouldn’t have working on their own. In fact, most co-working offices have other professionals in numerous fields.
I guarantee that when you outsource one of our co-working spaces, you’ll find all the latest technologies to help you network. This might mean networking with fellow attorneys face-to-face. Or, it might mean wanting to collaborate with legal teams from afar through video or audio conferencing.
No matter how you meet with other lawyers, it’s always essential to confer with outsiders to gain a more well-rounded legal opinion.

Adding Less Stress to Your Law Firm

Another unexpected advantage of using our co-working space is the ability to eliminate stress through the amenities offered.
Many of these offices have ways to disrupt the way typical law firms work so it brings more autonomy to your staff. Through such an environment, they can feel like themselves rather than feel trapped in being authentic. There isn’t a better way to eliminate stress and bring more productive ideas.

Printing Services

Consider how much it costs to buy printers and the amount of printing paper to invest in. Being a law firm, printing forms and other legal documents is obviously going to become one of your busiest activities.
One advantage to using our co-working spaces is we offer free printing. It’s not easy to find free printing from our competitors, especially when they only offer limitations.
You shouldn’t have to pay for printing in your co-working office if you’re going to stay profitable.

Using VoIP Services

If you still haven’t used VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) in your law firm, you’ll enjoy this in our offices as well. VoIP also saves money because you’re taking your phone service to the internet rather than dealing with phone companies.
Communicating with your legal team and clients needs more efficient technology to ensure you talk to them in real-time. Sometimes, this may involve long-distance calls, not including your team of attorneys calling clients by cellphone.
VoIP gives you a universality in communication to make you more competitive. Plus, it keeps your clients in the loop at all hours.

Bringing More Transparency in Your Law Office

One thing you’ll like about our co-working spaces is they have glass doors, bringing a better transparency to your legal firm so it encourages more collaboration. It’s a trend that’s becoming more popular in law firms to reinforce culture and organizational structure.
Working on a complicated case may require all of you working together to help a client win. More in-office collaboration means generating better legal ideas to make smarter legal decisions. The more cases you win, the better your reputation becomes in building new clients for the future.
Contact us at WorkSocial to book a tour of our co-working offices. When you book our tour, I’ll show you exactly how I doubled my business by working in these office environments.

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