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Why It’s Crucial to Send Frontline Employees to an External Training Venue

November 6, 2017 By WorkSocial Editorial

Why should companies like yours choose an external training venue nearby to train their frontline employees and give them new skills?

Did you know that frontline employees are the ones who could benefit the most from training opportunities? A recent article in HR Today quoted Gas South’s HR director Secret Holland:

“I think many people overlook the importance of that hourly frontline employee. We’ll spend $25,000 to pay a headhunter fee to hire a top-level executive, but how much do we spend on customer care employees? They’re the ones who interact with our customers every day, all day.”

From the Front Line to the Bottom Line

When you think about it, the workers on your front line need training to keep up with consumer demands, and it wouldn’t be expensive to give them a day away from the office at a nearby venue. This would be a good time for other employees to give them a break. Or, you could pay them to attend training on a Saturday!

Employers of all sizes should provide professional learning and development opportunities for frontline employees so they can continuously improve. If employees stay in their cubicles or offices or at the reception desk throughout the year and perform tasks alone, they don’t get to interact with others. They don’t get exposed to new ideas unless they read current trends and network outside of their workplace. They only get ideas from their immediate co-workers, and it’s always on the fly.

We believe that employers can go one step further and provide an outside training venue for teams and individuals. A venue where regular training programs will be offered can be within driving distance, which means there is only the potential cost of gas and meals. Employees who like the training venue that you choose will enjoy going there again for future programs.

Consider an External Training Venue

According to WorkSocial’s marketing director,

“We’ve had so many clients come to our venue for the first time whereupon their employees felt so comfortable and begged to come back. Their training director booked us again a few months later just to keep their people happy.”

We like the energy that choosing WorkSocial’s environment creates for our client organizations. We want employers to think about why a local training doesn’t need to be inside the current office setting. Employees need time away from their daily tasks, so get them out of the office and networking in a neutral environment. It’s essential that your employees are happy!

For example, if your budget doesn’t allow for taking the whole team to a convention, create your own program in our local venue. Use your budget for renting the space and hiring trainers and speakers. It’s easy to photocopy all materials your employees will need at the office and all you need to do is bring pencils, sticky notes, and highlighters on training day! Use the digital equipment in our building to display all training content. Plan fun activities for teambuilding and supply food for breaks and lunches. Employees can escape to a local training venue while your business saves the travel costs associated with regional or national conferences!

Encourage Frontline Employees to Exchange New Ideas

External training venues provide the perfect space for workers to interact in new ways. They don’t have customers calling them and they are encouraged not to check their work queues or email inboxes. If you bring in outside people, for example, employees may begin to share problems, issues, and ideas that they might have held back at the office. What’s crucial is that employees don’t need their devices to feel engaged. Give them incentives to truly interact with trainers and training content. They love to get candy and promotional items and to participate in prize giveaways throughout training events.

At WorkSocial, we have tremendous ideas for making your team comfortable in an external training venue without having to sacrifice any conveniences you provide in the workplace. With some planning and a limited budget, your organization can plan a great training event, especially when you want to focus on front-line employees. Because they are the first to handle angry customers, they deserve a quality program in a different space.

Please contact our booking expert today, and we’ll see if we can host the event that you have in mind!

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