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7 Features that Create a Winning Coworking Space

May 15, 2017 By

Are you in pursuit of the perfect commercial real estate space? Here are 7 tips to consider why a coworking space may be a better option.

7 Features that Create a Winning CoWorking Space

Community: You are looking for a collaborative workspace, not an area of seclusion. So, naturally, you need a coworking space that offers a sense of community. Whether that includes providing multiple events throughout the year, promoting networking opportunities, or focusing on your well-being, the community factor is crucial.
Location: Much like looking an office location, you need a conveniently accessible co-working space with a mailing address that still impresses clients.
Budget: Certainly, the price will drive a big portion of your decision-making. You do not want to spend more money than necessary. So, keep your eyes out for moderately priced coworking spaces that stay in your monthly budget. See what additional charges might apply – or better yet, what free items come with your rent. Some facilities offer free printing, mail service, and telephone answering.

Good Office Environment: Are you sure coworking is the right environment for you? While it is more economical, you need to make sure that working style matches your needs as well. Sometimes being in an office with people who are sociable and educated helps you break out of your shell. Take a tour and get a feel for the professionals renting space.
Complementary Entrepreneurs: John Arroyo of Arroyo Labs recommends looking for complementary entrepreneurs in the corresponding coworking space. If you are a developer, you might want a coworking space that also is home to developers or individuals in related industries. Working with like-minded professionals can give you a sense of home and make the work environment pleasant.
Conference Rooms: While you are renting coworking space, you might have a need for conference rooms. Whether that is for a client presentation, a training session, or a pitch to an investor, meeting room access is vital. Inquire about their meeting spaces, rental fees, and options, and be certain to tour them. You want meeting spaces that come in all sizes, equipped with the most current technology, and sufficient for your type of clients.
Hardware Perks: Hardware is essential. Today, it is all about digital. So, a great space should also include high-speed internet access, copiers, printers, security, furnished offices, and phones.

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