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March 9, 2017 By

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Worklife Imbalance

Success starts with the right tools, great business ideas, and of course, a reliable network.  Picture this: a company of one starts with a great idea. Instead of working from home, this entrepreneur decides to rent shared workspace at WorkSocial.
They choose coworking office space because they wanted to put their work and home life into separate locations. At WorkSocial, this budding entrepreneur could get the professional office they needed, access to a phone, and even utilities built into their rental fee. This dramatically reduced overhead but also gave this entrepreneur the equipment he needed without having to purchase it for his home office. From there, the opportunities were endless.
Conference Rooms for Professional Meetings — Boosted Investor Outreach Opportunities
When he was searching for new investors and business partners, he utilized the meeting room spaces at WorkSocial. Our meeting rooms let him give a stellar pitch to a local investor because he impressed them with his corporate address in Jersey City, which overlooked the New York City skyline.
Adding Team Members is Easy
As he was ready to add team members, he found partners within the WorkSocial spaces. A few spots down was an accountant fresh out of school. She was searching for a job and paired with our budding entrepreneur to handle his company bookkeeping. A few weeks later, he enlisted the services of a graphic designer in the workspace next to his to create his branding image, logo, and more.
Each week, his network grew just from the creative and ingenious people he found himself working next to.
Before he knew it, his team of one transitioned into a team of seven, then a group of 12.  His team would use the conference rooms and meeting spaces in WorkSocial to host events, training, and discuss upcoming projects. Eventually, he was ready to expand, and he and his team moved into a larger corporate office. Today, his company has grown into the hundreds.
Endless Possibilities Start from the Power of One Innovative Person
All it takes is you. From there, the possibilities are endless when you have creative workspaces and collaborative environments. WorkSocial fosters ideas and promotes ingenuity. We bring people together, help boost networks, and give you the opportunity to grow just like our budding entrepreneur.
So, instead of working at home, why not consider WorkSocial for your venture?
Start Now & Get Into Balance

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