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Working Smarter and Harder: A Story of Purpose Coworking | Office Space Jersey City | New Jersey Office Space

March 13, 2017 By

Working from home sounds so appealing when you imagine setting up your home office, making your own hours, and being your own boss. However, when the excitement of working from home wears off, you are stuck with the reality of living where you work. While working from home does have its rewards, working in an office-like environment tends to carry more benefits for entrepreneurs and traveling employees.

Reasons Why Working at the Office Beats Working from Home Every Time

  • Working in an Office Fosters Innovation: Flexible working environments are good, but sometimes the best insights come from a discussion in the hallway with co-workers or just meeting new people. For those starting their own business or freelancing, having an office-like environment still fosters innovation; especially when you work in a co-working space.
  • Remote Working Tools are Not as Great: Having access to the office equipment you need at home is costly. However, when you rent a shared workspace, you get access to desks, chairs, and all the utilities you would need.
  • Your Home Does Not Have a Corporate Address: If you want investors to take your company seriously, you need a corporate address. With a shared workspace, you can create a business address in a real office location, which promotes your professionalism.
  • Access to Business Resources: Shared workspaces come with community members that have advice and services you cannot unlock at home. Need to decide which tax deductions your new venture can use? You may be sharing an office space with an accountant. Need a new contract for one of your vendors? You might be within ten feet of an attorney who could help draft a contract.
  • Access the Presentation Tools You Need to Secure Investors: When you are pitching your new idea to investors, where are you pitching that idea? Throwing ideas at restaurants, coffee shops, or your home does not show a level of confidence, and professionalism investors expect. To make your mark, you need to give a presentation in a professional conference room that has the displays, electronics, and equipment to show off your innovation.


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