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WorkSocial contributes robotics learning into Jersey City

October 27, 2017 By WorkSocial Editorial

The world needs a way to develop a wide variety of robots integrated with an IoT platform to improve people’s lives.

IoT has accelerated co-creation between companies and has helped create new value. But in order to leverage the full potential of IoT, data processing must go beyond cyberspace. New and innovative services in the real world will depend on our ability to combine data with physical operations. That’s why robotics will play such a crucial role moving forward, as they become our bridge between the real and virtual worlds.

At Workocial, we’ve curated a wide range of robotic vendors to teach RPA.  WorkSocial is now a breeding ground of various RPA applications.  By leveraging our expertise building communities and operational technologies (OT) we have created a buzz. But we’re not just developing technologies without reason – its the future.

We’re implementing technologies that with socially grow Jersey City.

By integrating robotics into an IoT platform using that technology in social infrastructures, we’re actively promoting initiatives to improve people’s lives.

Companies like Hitachi & Panasonic are getting interested in our platform.

We’re focusing on co-creation of a community where learning meets business problems.

Call us at (201) 210-8255. Lets talk about hosting your next training or hackathon.

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