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Bringing A New Way to Energize Your Teams WorkSocial | Brings New Ways to Energize Teams

February 17, 2017 By

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If you manage a team, you know that keeping your key players energized is one of the biggest challenges facing your company. Unfortunately, this is often more of a struggle than it seems. During long projects or intense times of creation and problem-solving, it’s easy for things to get stale, and it can be tough to revive them when they do.
Fortunately, WorkSocial has the answer.
By providing a series of educational and leadership courses, we help keep your most critical teams energized, even when times get tough.
Who Teaches our Courses?
We believe the best way to energize the world of startups and creatives is to bring in inter-disciplinary knowledge to keep you motivated, on-point, and engaged. As such, we teach our courses using insights from expert trainers and elite performance athletes like Dr. Greg Wells, a Canadian Olympic team trainer, and Lisa Bentley, the 11-time Iron Man winner.
From these unique personalities, you’ll learn everything from perseverance to creativity. You’ll also learn how some of the most successful people in the world incorporate the following into their daily routines:

  • Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Meditation
  • Prayer

An Uncommon Approach to Success
The strongest founders and teams are the ones who take wisdom from a diverse selection of places. Our educational and leadership courses draw on some of the world’s top performers, and distill their habits and strategies into actionable information you can use to enhance your team’s performance and enjoy more productive output.
What’s more, these unique leadership and success courses offer an opportunity to connect with like-minded teams and enjoy the collaboration therein.
At WorkSocial, our mission is and has always been to help creatives and founders do their best work. While the foundation of our approach is our dynamic work environment, complete with ergonomic furniture and large meeting rooms, we also believe that education is a critical component of success, and our educational and leadership courses are designed to help you keep reaching for your goals at all points of your growth. Learn more about our courses by visiting


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