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Your Office Space | A Reflection of your Brand Jersey City Shared Office & CoWorking Space

March 6, 2017 By WorkSocial Editorial

After days of negotiation we gave up. We had a fighting chance to rent a part of our coworking space to a name brand company. It was down to price. I could see that that client was taking our offer and getting our competitor to bid lower. We Lost and our competitor paid for the work.
At first we were saddened by the loss of the client. We could not understand why a company valued in the billions would chose to go to a coworking space that was not only inferior in quality, but also unethical in the way they did business.
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But as I rationalized the loss of a prospect and nursed my bruised ego. It dawned on me that coworking spaces are not generic. Even spaces like people type mismatches.
Consider your workstyle, the brand your business intends to project and people running the coworking space.
WorkSocial is not just a coworking space. We are a movement of change. Our mission is to bring happiness back to work. Our goal is to create a following of leaders that want challenge the status quo for the sake of contribution. Our gifts is to offer hope to the ones who were ignored, abhorred, and ridiculed. Our purpose is to bring love into everyone’s life.
Here is a story of our successes and losses.
Success: Young Entrepreneur in a Mature Business
Say hi to Hosin. He came in bright eyed and eager to make a mark in the mortgage business. He had this hunger to make ideas happen. As a business coach I could see he was a work in progress. As an elder I could see a diamond in the rough. As a coworking space operator I could see myself offering deep discounts. So I did. He took the discounts and the day the discounts ran out so did he. Say bye to Hosin. Hosin returned one day. We got talking about space. We agreed on terms and said Hi to Hosin again. This time we agreed on value and not price.
Success: Mature leader acting in purpose

Say hi to Bob. Bob came in, mild mannered, soft spoken and very open. He always radiated a vibrant energy of contribution. He looked a around. Asked a few question went to work. He made some awesome recommendations. Made excellent investments in equipment and space. He focused on his people and the business scaled. Becaused he stayed in purpose we connected at a spiritual level. Our conversations were of impact, dreams and change. Whenever he made a request it was like gospel and we acted on it.
We reduced space pressure and noise by offering him protection and support. Today each one of our spaces are footprinted with his company’s IT. So his company and WorkSocial will be like intertwined like DNA.
Loss: Entrepreneur without transparency
Say hi Raag. I really wish had not. He ran a tech company. Within days of joining the space he tried to poach my employees. He was gone in 6 months. Was always late on payments. Asked for stuff but never paid for it. I wish him well. He moved to Regus. Nothing about him aligned with us. We were about happiness, he always found something to be unhappy about. We were about leadership and he wanted to follow. We created breaks for movement and a healthy environment. He took took breaks to smoke.
Success: Entrepreneur with transparency
Success: He is my favorite client. I see him working feverishly into the night. Writing lines of code in the world of semantic web. Creating algorithms of advertisement efficacy. He is straightforward and honest about his work. Ethical in his dealings. Loves to get a free massage on friday, yes we offer those. He loves his nespresso coffee and our fruit plates.
Success: Opinionated | Yoda
Say hi to Yoda Dada from India. We became friends and I am glad we did. He developed the website for WorkSocial. He has been in tech and development for some 35 years. I see him work hard, contributing huge to his clients, making a difference in his community and acting in purpose. He has his routines, his rituals and quirks. He has some 200 people on his staff and yet he brown bags. He loves to talk and is up for any challenge where he can make a difference. I am proud to call him my friend. He is a brother.
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